Friday, December 30, 2011

The search is on

Well bad news. The transmission is broken. It is not the seal. The axle shaft has side play and is coming part way out of the seal causing the leak. The transmission will have to come out, and I can not have them do that until I can find a place to get parts. The good thing is I found out that it is out of a car in China called "Chery QQ sweet .8l. I have been doing searches, but have not found a place to get parts yet. I did find a place to buy a new transmission but with a minimum order of 10.
If I can not find a place to get parts I will probably look for a different trany that I can easily get parts for and retro fit it to Mac. I really do not want to scrap him. It all depends on the cost because I also wanted to change motor and controller.
I did get a contact person that has contact with the person that bought out all Green Vehicles inventory when they went bankrupt. I might be able to pick up a good trany through them.
If I end up going the retro fit I will likely have to do all the work myself to make it affordable. Unfortunately my garage will not be built for about 6 months so I will have to wait. I suppose I could just keep driving him with the leak :(

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Mac has been broke for two months now

Well I have been to busy to get Mac fixed. He started to leak transmission fluid, and I stopped driving him because I do not want anything to break. Now I have the time, and money to get him into the doctor. The company "Green Vehicles" is no more so I am on my own. I am sure if it is just a seal that a good transmission shop will be able to find one. I stopped in at Kirkland Transmission, and they were very exited to work on him. They assured me that it would not be a problem getting the correct seal. I have had work done there before, and they are very good, and professional.
I am going to get it scheduled today and get him back on the road. Then maybe I can get back to the trailer hitch work.
The last two months I have been selling my house, buying another, and moving. Finally I have settled in, and things are almost back to normal. I do not have a carport, or garage though so I am going t o get plans drawn up for a garage, and apply for permit so Mac will have a great place to rest, and I will have a great place to work on him, and prep for building a new EV.