Monday, October 12, 2009

One more little delay, but worth it

Well there has been one more little delay, but it is worth it. It turns out there is a dealership opening (in Bellevue WA) about 25 miles from where I live. Part of the agreement with them is that they get the first Triac, so there's got done first. This is good for me because if I have a problem I have somewhere to go now.

Mine is suppose to be ready to ship by next week. The dealers Triac is being delivered tomorrow. I plan on going down to see one for the first time in person.


  1. I'm sure I'm not as excited as you but I've been following your story with anticipation. I can't wait to hear what a 'real' person says about the Triac. I've been following it since the orignal announcement but was too chicken to put down a deposit. Good Luck, and thanks for keeping us posted!

  2. I'm excited to follow your experiences as an early adopter of a new class of vehicle. I really appreciate the fact that you make the effort to share your journey.

    Thanks Randy, Can't wait for your next post!