Monday, October 26, 2009

Wow a Triac in the flesh

I went to the "Green Car Co" in Bellevue Wa. this weekend, and there it was the Triac in the flesh, or should I say fiberglass. To my surprise it was not proudly on display with the other ev's in the display room. Almost as if they were ashamed of it. The Triac was through a large opening into the shop where they repair cars, and had dust all over it from the shop.The car was sent up from Green Vehicles for the "Beyond Oil conference". They were told that it is a prototype, and there’s was not ready yet. I am a little skeptical though. The prototype I am used to seeing is the older body style with the center headlight. This one clearly looked like one of the 7 that were shipped here from China two months ago.Green car co was so disappointed in the quality of the car that they did not even take it to the conference. I did see some things that clearly were not good quality in the interior panels. One of the indentations in the plastic near the cup holders was so thin there was a hole in it big enough to stick a couple of fingers in. There were also a couple of places where two panels come together that the black plastic was rough, and had white showing where it was either cut , or the black had just been rubbed off.I was able to sit in it and one of my fears turned out true. My head hits the roof :(. I am not sure what can be done about that. The seats sit in contact with the battery box, so they can not be lowered. It might be possible to adjust the seat position and angle to get around the problem. No one was there that knew anything about it.I am anxious to here what Ehab from Green Vehicles has to say about there car as well as mine.

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  1. That's interesting about the poor interior because on some of the other pictures around the internet the quality looked good. I wonder what happen? The pictures on this website the cars look complete inside, I wonder what they are doing at Green Vehicles to mess them up?