Thursday, April 15, 2010

Oh Where Oh Where can my Triac be, Oh Where Oh Where can he be

Well, Still no Triac. It has been a little over 6 weeks. It really sucks being on the cutting edge. I am suppose to get an update today. I sure hope it is good news, and that he will be back soon.
My friends are starting to teas me by saying that they are keeping the car until the warranty expires.


  1. Six weeks sounds painful Randy. I take it, this is not your only ride. I'm very anxious to here their explanation. I've been following the Triac for over a year. I sent an email to Ehab Youssef (sp?) inquiring if it was front or rear wheel drive and about battery life/replacement cost. Keep the post coming Randy, and good luck with the car.

  2. Thomas C Gray Says:

    The Triac is NOT a car – it is a motorcycle, and it does NOT adhere to ANY safety regulations – it was designed with three wheels for that very purpose. Shilling this death trap I consider the sleaziest of the sleaze. I hope the first victim’s families sue your sorry ass.

  3. I wonder if Thomas C Gray wrote that same message to Honda, Suzuki, Kawasaki, Ducati, Harley and the other dozens of motocycle manufactuers?

  4. cyberbillp, How can you compare quality two wheel motorcycles made in Japan and the USA to the Triac that is poorly made in China?

  5. I've driven the TRIAC. Have you? It's no death trap and to say it does not adhere to ANY safety regulations is pretty ignorant.

    They are NOT made in China. (Where do you guys get your intel?) The product coming out of the [new] factory in Salinas is quite impressive.

    It's fun to drive, safe, and very practical compared to Leaf, Tesla, etc.

    Take a deep breath Mike! Better yet, I'll take you for a drive! I'm gonna buy one!


  6. schulman_aj This blog with pictures is where the intel came from “Posted by Randy Bopp at 10:55 AM Wednesday, July 22, 2009"

    The first shipment of Triacs has FINALLY shipped!!!!!! Here is a picture of the Triacs in China just before they shipped to California to have the motor, controller, and batteries installed.

    It will take 18 days on the water to get to Callifornia, and about 2 weeks to finish the assembly.

    Mine will be one of the first 6 to be delivered!!!!!”

  7. I think the assessment of risk is an interesting area of discussion. I have started riding my bicycle to and from work. 10 miles each way. Is my bicycle more of a "death trap" than the TRIAC? Should I avoid riding a bicycle to increase my personal safety?

  8. See Chart:

    Cycling is among the safest activities you can take part in.

    The charts on this page show where cycling compares to other common activities. As a cause of accidental death, cycling is safer than swimming or walking and much safer than driving a car.

  9. Richard,
    Thank you for your kind and thoughtful response. Taking the data at face value, it does look like bicycling is safer.
    What I found almost more interesting was
    44 deaths/100,000 participants motorcycle
    10 deaths/100,000 participants cars
    that relative death rate matches intuition that motorcycles are probably more dangerous.
    I wonder if it is reasonable to conclude that the "death trap" of the TRIAC is about between the motorcycle and car death rate. Perhaps the TRIAC might have 20 deaths/100,000. Does that make it a "death trap?"