Monday, April 19, 2010

Rain sucks on a motorcycle

Well I finally broke down and bought a gas vehicle. I would have rather used my tax refund for other things, but riding in the rain on my motorcycle just got too depressing. At least with the bad economy there were a lot of clunkers to choose from.
I am still waiting to here about Mac. I should hear something this week.


  1. Wow - still no EV? What did you buy? I used to live in Washington (Mt. Vernon) so I understand about riding in the rain :-(

    Good luck!

  2. Hope you get your Triac back soon.

  3. I heard from Green Vehicles that you got your Triac back. Is it true?

  4. Yes!!!!!!
    I finally got Mac back. It took just under 3 months.
    I have been busy and have not given an update yet. I will try to get this done this week.

  5. I've been waiting for an update for so long, I think I'll wait a little while longer for a Chevy Volt. Goodbye