Sunday, January 3, 2010


Well I finally got around to doing my first range test. I was told that the Triac should be able to go 100 miles at 45MPH so that is what I was going to attempt. I did not run the heater because I am sure that is how they did there range test to achieve the 100 miles. My speed was between 45 and 50 MPH for the ride. I had a stretch of road that was flat, and a little over 5 miles long. I would drive the 5 miles @ 45-50 MPH, turn around and come back. Because I was only going 5 miles the range test had several stops and starts which does affect range a little. I drove very conservatively. Starting out very slowly, gradually getting up to speed, unless someone was behind me. About 8 miles had gentle rolling hills so some of it was not flat.
All in all I was very impressed. I drove 102 miles, and still had 13% charge left. The state of charge meter seamed to be very accurate with the discharge of the battery. I would have gone farther to see when it would go into limp mode ( this is when the batteries are down low, and it limits the amount of power you can use), but I was very board after driving back and forth for two hours.
A+ to Green Vehicles for there honesty on range. Most EV companies over state what the range will be. I have always told people to take what they claim, and cut it in half, and you should get a little more.


  1. Cool! Thanks for the post - kudos to Green Vehicles - now I want one even more!

  2. Congratulations. Not many EV's can actually deliver over 100 mile range. Did your previously reported recharge time also double? And did we ever find out the total weight?

  3. "very board" so you were feeling a bit stiff afterwards. Or perhaps "very bored".

    Anyway, I am so happy for you to have one of these vehicles. Looks great.
    John C. Briggs