Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Stats and more info on range

I have put together some statistics that many people have been asking me about. Keep in mind that these are approximate, give or take an inch.

The inside width dimension varies depending on where it is taken. I tried to take it about where the center of the seat is with the seat almost all
the way back.

Length: 125 inches.
Width of body (not including mirrors): 55 inches.
Height: 62 inches.
Clearance under Triac: 6 inches.

Width: 46 1/2 inches.
Height: 45 inches.
Seat to ceiling: 35 1/2 inches.
Back of seat to steering wheel: 23 inches.

The weight of mine is 2,280 LBS. I went to a truck stop and had it weighed. I have been told the batteries weigh 750 LBS, putting the Triac at
1,530 without batteries.

My Tire size is 195/50 R15 (I believe this was an upgrade)

Range: I have done two range tests with great results.

1st was averaging 45-50 MPH with no heater running, level ground with an outside temp of 40: 102 miles with 13% battery left showing on the gauge. This would be around 117 miles if it went to 0%.

2nd was averaging 60 MPH with no heater on, hilly terrain and temp of 40 degrees: I drove 48 miles with 50% charge still left this would estimate to about 96 miles if the batteries were depleted
To 0%.

I would not go much more than 10% left so the batteries would last longer.
I generally only go down to about 45% between charges.

I am very pleased with the results so far. The 100 mile range seems to be as advertised.

I am not sure what affect the colder temps are having on the batteries. I believe lithium is suppose to do well in cold Temps.


  1. Do you know the battery capacity in KWH?

    How much did the vehicle cost?

  2. the battery pac is 24KW and the Triac is selling for $24,995. I got in early so I got the $19,995 price.

  3. Wow 24KHW is not bad, nor is the $20 price tag. Too bad they don't let them on the Massachusetts roads.

  4. Anything interesting going on with the Triac?

  5. Not really. I have about 2,600 miles on it now, and it is still going strong. It is definitely an eye catcher. I routinely see people taking pictures of it with there phones.
    I am going to be posting some info soon on batteries, and how hills affect the BMS systems that ev's have. The hole issue is that lithium’s will be damaged if the voltage goes lower than a certain voltage.
    More to come.

  6. Randy,
    Thanks for the update. I wish I could get a Triac. Seems like the perfect vehicle for my 10 mile commute into the city.
    John C. Briggs