Wednesday, November 11, 2009

It may all be a SCAM!!!!!

Well I am really starting to get worried. I have just heard that the production Triac is not going to make it to the Seattle auto show the 11th thru the 15th. I was told that the delivery is now pushed out into December because they are busy moving there production facility to a different city.

It turns out that the VIN# that Green Vehicles gave me is a fake. It is not for one of there vehicles at all. It turns out it is a VIN# off of a Smart car.

I have been giving them the benefit of the doubt, but am afraid they have been stringing me along.

The company is also going after state and federal money. I am sure this is where they are putting all there effort. Ehab told me the schedule got pushed out because he was busy with acquiring the use of the new building for his production facility. I find it hard to believe that the mechanics that were working on the Triac had to stop because Ehab was trying to work out the details of moving his production to a different city. There are only about 7 of these Triac's that are here, and it was only suppose to take about two weeks to finish building them after they got here, and that was about 2 1/2 months ago.


  1. If this is a scam, it doesn't seem like it would be a very profitable one. May I ask, did they collect any money from you beyond the original deposit?

  2. It may not be a scam, but it is actually very profitable. Ehab is getting $700,000 from the city of Salinas for moving to there city. They are also committing $100,000 towards purchasing vehicles from him. They are providing him with land to build a show room on, and the State will give him $37,000 for each employee he hires and pays $12 an hour or more.
    Yes, they have more money. I had to pay half down before they would start building mine. Of coarse they never said it would take a year to build. I was told it would be about 30 days in China with a couple of weeks to finish it here in the states.

  3. I paid the 2k a year ago but backed out because I teach and the car is only good for me from Aug to May. I do not get mileage reimbursement during the summer. He was nice enough to refund the money with no fight. I understand your worries but he is a horrible scam artiest. I think if he was good he would have told me my car is ready and pay the 50% cost, then bail. If lived near him I would stop in for a visit to meet him and the production line.