Monday, November 16, 2009

You will no longer be getting updates from me :(

Nothing like an Attorney to conduct business like this. It may not be a scam like I feared, but they waited until the last minute to send me paperwork that I had to sign in order to be an early adopter.
According to the confidential agreement I will sign I can not disclose anything about the vehicle and its performance. I also can not make any disparaging comments about the vehicle, Green Vehicles, or there employees.
My vehicle is going to ship out Today, and I should get it Wednesday.
I am sure I will be happy with it, and Green Vehicles. I am not sure why the secrecy but to each there own.
I wish everyone well in there EV endeavors.


  1. Can they do this? Sounds more like a gag order in a legal case rather than and NDA for a sample product. You should be able to share your opinion on a product that you have purchased. I could see them having control if you simply had a demo or loaner unit. But, in this case you paid money and own the product. If you break the gag order, can they come and take it back? - I doubt it. Are they going to come knock on your door if you let someone else see it and "they" say something.....that would be interesting. "Hey, it's us, you let your 16yr son drive the car, he mentioned to his friend about it who posted a comment on Facebook and now we're here to take your car..."

    I'm excited that your Triac is almost in your hands but was so looking forward to hear what you had to say about it. Best of luck and hopefully they will let all 5 of us hear was you have to think. :)


  2. Oh, since I'm local.. I should just go knock on their door and see if the really exist. I actually drove by the address listed in the documents about a year ago it was an 'interesting' area to say the least. There were no signs or other evidence that Green Vehicles was around. Granted, I wouldn't be spending money on signage either.

  3. Wow! This makes me glad I didn't sign up for one of these vehicles. I could understand it if you had signed up to test a pre-production prototye, but that's not my understanding of what you did. Good luck with the vehicle!