Monday, November 16, 2009

Let me clear this up a bit

Sorry for the confusion. I did have the choice to buy the Triac without signing the non disclosuer. I am perticipating in an "Early Adopter" program which enables me to get the second year warenty free, and I will be working closely with Green Vehicles to make sure that everything is working properly and make improvements as needed. This is very important in making sure the Triac is the best they can make it. I am able to comment if I get Green Vehicles permission, but that would not be good data because they probably would not let me point out problem areas like if the range was not what was expected.
I still believe I will have a good experiance with Green Vehicles, I just will not be able to share it :(

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  1. Thanks for the update. That's a little better since it's a 'deal' you have with them. However, I'm still disappointed that we won't be getting some 'real' person reviews. Maybe the press will get their hands on one.... Happy Triac-ing.